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Chefs & Recipes

  • 1

    Chef Charbel Aoun 2 Michelin star Chef, Lebanon

    • About Chef Charbel Aoun

    • Bicolor Ravioli Stuffed Lobster, Potato, Saffron and Foie Gras

    • Fennel Potage with Crab Meat

  • 2

    Chef Menad Berkani of St Regis Hotel Shenzhen, China

    • About Chef Menad Berkani

    • Bruschetta with Smoked Salmon and Camembert Cheese

    • Mango Soup and Ice Cream with Mint

    • Marinated Tuna with French Herbs

    • Pan-Fried Goose Liver with Cherries & Soya Sauce, Honey & Cocoa

    • Pineapple Carpaccio with Basil Pesto and Olive Oil

    • Potato and Mushroom Soup with Goose Liver and Truffle Oil

    • Risotto with Black Rice and Mushrooms, Aged Parmesan and Truffle Oil

    • Sea Bass Filet enhanced with Chive, Celery and Pistachios

    • Shrimps breaded with pistachio. Bean and asparagus, balsamic and coriander dressing

  • 3

    Claudio Antonio Cococcia of Yoichi Fusion Taste, Italia

    • About Chef Claudio Antonio Cococcia

    • Tataki di Manzo

  • 4

    Chef Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, France

    • About Chef Mauro Colagreco

    • Lièvre à la royale

    • Pumpkin, Sea buckthorn berries, Buckwheat

  • 5

    Chef Christian Constant of Michelin Star Le Violin d'Ingres, France

    • About Chef Christian Constant

    • Artichoke Salad

    • Asparagus and Bacon Fricassée with Breaded Soft-Boiled Eggs

    • Baked Potato stuffed with Pigs Feet

    • Battered Cherry Pudding (Clafoutis)

    • Bloody Mary Tomato Verrine

    • Breaded Soft Boiled Eggs and Toast with Truffle Butter

    • Brioche French Toast

    • Crème Caramel (Français)

    • Cassoulet du Bibent (Français)

    • Pork Shank Terrine with Lentils and Foie Gras

    • Hot Vanilla Soufflé with Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

    • Pot-au-Feu with Beef Cheeks

    • Rib Steak with Shallots

    • Ritz Caesar Salad

    • Salade César Ritz

    • Sea Bass with Crispy Almond Topping

    • Soufflé à Chaud à la Vanille, Sauce Caramel au Beurre Salé

    • Tartare d'Huitres et de Saint-Jacques au Gingembre

    • Tarte Fine aux Pommes

    • Thin Apple Tart

    • Thin Porcini Tart with Ossau-Iraty Cheese

    • Tomato Millefeuille and Avocado Mousse with Curry Oil

    • Veal Stew (Blanquette de Veau)

    • Waffles with Caramel, Chocolate and Whipped Cream

    • White Asparagus wrapped with Bayonne Ham

  • 6

    Chef Kevin Dentraygues Sous Chef at Ossiano, Dubai

    • About Chef Kevin Dentraygues

    • Chocolate Genesis / Coffee Ice Cream

  • 7

    Chef Michael Dyllong of Michelin Starred PalmGarden Restaurant, Germany

    • About Chef Michael Dyllong

    • SHRIMP COCKTAIL Avacado |Apricot | Crunchy Curry

    • FJORD TROUT Pea | Melon | Lime

  • 8

    Chefs Paco Chicón y Sergio Musso of Eclectic Resto in Spain

    • About Chefs Paco Chicón y Sergio Musso

    • Arroz Verde de Algas y Bogavente

    • Esponja de Codium

    • Pato con Peras

    • Sabores da Avoa

  • 9

    Chef Gilles Epié of Juvia, Miami Beach, USA

    • About Chef Gilles Epié

    • Beetroot with Creamy Goat Cheese

    • Exotic Cheesecake

  • 10

    Chef Natale Alessio Fazio of L'Antica Ruota, Sicily

    • About Chef Natale Alessio Fazio

    • Pasta al Nero di Seppia

    • Pasta al Nero di Seppia (English)

  • 11

    Chef Rolf Fliegauf of 2 Michelin starred Ecco St Moritz, Switzerland

    • About Chef Rolf Fliegauf

    • Bresse Taube von Claude Mieral (Deutsch)

    • Lamm aus der Romandie (Deutsch)

    • Smoked Gilardeau Oyster "black & white"

  • 12

    Chef Sabino Fortunato of Michelin starred Restaurant Il Gallo Cedrone, Italy

    • About Chef Sabino Fortunato

    • Bite Book™ dello Chef Sabino Fortunato

    • Black Cod e Bacalao

    • Filetto di Black Angus del Nebraska

    • Fungo o Tartufo?

    • Gnocchi di Patate Mantecati

    • Infiniti Chocolate

    • Panzanella di Tonno Rosso

    • Patùgol, Sottobosco e Bugnòi

    • Pera Liquirizia e Caffé

    • Tataki di Salmone

  • 13

    Chef Daniel García of Michelin Starred Restaurant Zortziko, Bilbao, Spain

    • About Chef Daniel García

    • Lomo de merluza en salsa verde

  • 14

    Chef Kai Gozo of Wannee Restaurant, The Netherlands

    • About Chef Kai Gozo

    • Peach Tarte Tatin

  • 15

    Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki of 2 Michelin Star Funky Gourmet , Athens Greece

    • About Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki

    • Funky Gourmet Dolmas

    • Greek Salad Granita

  • 16

    Chef Tadeusz Kolodziejczyk Founder True Foodies, France

    • About Chef Tadeusz Kolodziejczyk

    • Classic Quiche Lorraine

    • Pissaladière - Onion Tart with Anchovies & Olives

    • Seasonal Fruit Tart

    • Tiramisu Tricolore (English)

  • 17

    Chef Toni Kostian of Restaurant Grön, Helsinki, Finland

    • About Chef Toni Kostian

    • Caramelized Silver Onion Pie

  • 18

    Chef Gabriel Kreuther of 2 Michelin Star Gabriel Kreuther, NYC, USA

    • About Chef Gabriel Kreuther

    • Greenwalk Hatchery Trout

    • GK White Negroni

  • 19

    Chef Andrea Larossa of Michelin Starred Larossa Ristorante, Italy

    • About Chef Andrea Larossa

    • Anatra Laccata all'Arancia e Cipollotti

    • Insalata di Rape e Capesante Marinate

  • 20

    Chef Bing Liu Cordon Bleu Chef, Australia

    • About Chef Bing Liu

    • Bite Book™ by Chef Bing Liu

    • Gently Cooked Black Cod with Smoked Parsnip Foam

    • Grilled Squid with Spring Onions and Black Garlic Sauce

    • Grilled Tuna with Katsuo Ponzu

    • Kinmedai with Matsutake, Yuzu and Creamy Miso Broth

    • Madai with Miso Mustard Vinaigrette

  • 21

    Chef Felix Lo Basso of Michelin Starred Felix Lo Basso Restaurant Milan, Italy

    • About Chef Felix Lo Basso

    • Asparagi al vapore, salsa carbonara, e aglio nero

    • Seppia e piselli in un donuts

  • 22

    Chef Cailin MacLean of Canada

    • About Chef Cailin MacLean

    • Corn, Taleggio and Egg Yolk Ravioli

  • 23

    Chef Gilles Marx

    • About Chef Gilles Marx

    • Crispy-Seared Mediterranean Sea Bass, Green Asparagus, Butternut Purée & Orange Comfit-Lemon Mousseline

  • 24

    Chef Cristiano Milighetti of Hotel Restaurant Locanda i Grifi , Italy

    • About Chef Cristiano Milighetti

    • Chicken Liver Terrine

    • Crostini Neri (Typical Tuscan Meat Sauce )

  • 25

    Chef Sebastian Neiderhell Head Chef in Schliersee, Germany

    • About Chef Sebastian Neiderhell

    • Banana Split Dessert

    • Bavarian Pork Filet in Spicy Pepper-Herb-Coat

    • Bavarian Power Dumpling

    • Breast of Barbarie Duck

    • Caprese New Style

    • Coffee Panna Cotta

    • Pear Helene

    • Poached Egg "Freestyle"

    • Roasted White and Green Asparagus

    • Tartelette of Fresh Garden Zucchini

    • White&Dark Chocolate

  • 26

    Chef Heiko Nieder of 2 Michelin Starred The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

    • About Chef Heiko Nieder

    • Chanterelles with brie de Meaux, garden herbs, egg and Nespresso Arpeggio coffee

    • White chocolate with vintage balsamic vinegar, hazelnuts, peaches and Nespresso Livanto coffee

    • Orange chocolate, liquorice and Nespresso Ristretto coffee... iced

  • 27

    Chef Tomás Pereira Executive Chef of TheCookLabProject

    • About Chef Tomás Pereira

    • Log in the Forest

    • Log in the Forest Portugués

  • 28

    Chef Claudio Pucci Chef presso la Perla del Golfo Isola d’Elba, Italy

    • About Chef Claudio Pucci

    • Cornucopia di spigola e salmone con spuma di patate

    • Crespelle al Nero con Gamberi, Ricotta e Asparagi

    • Tuna Tartar with Buffalo Mozzarella and Coconut

  • 29

    Chef Alen Radic of Restaurant of Restaurant Limbourg, Cologne, Germany

    • About Chef Alen Radic

    • Lobster / Couscous / Fennel

    • Restaurant Limbourg "Cheesecake"

    • 🇩🇪 Restaurant Limbourg "Cheesecake"

  • 30

    Chef Michel Roth MOF, Michelin starred Culinary Advisor and Executive Chef at Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland

    • About Chef Michel Roth

    • Saint Jacques des Côtes Bretonnes

    • Tarte Soufflée au Chocolat Guanaja 70%

    • Tronçon de Barbue Rôtie

  • 31

    Chef Chris Salans Owner and Chef of Mozaic Restaurant, Bali

    • About Chef Chris Salans

    • Ginger Flower Sorbet

    • Pan Seared Foie Gras

  • 32

    Chef Giambattista Suizzo of Le Berger by Vini Divini, Belgium

    • About Chef Giambattista Suizzo

    • Les Cannoli Siciliens

  • 33

    Chef Christiaan Stoop of Restaurant threesixty° New Delhi, India

    • About Chef Christiaan Stoop

    • Harissa Spiced Chicken | Couscous | Pomegranate | Mint & Cashew Crumble

    • Pressed lamb shoulder | potato gratin | pickled red cabbage | red wine jus

  • 34

    Chef Stéphane Tournié of Michelin Starred Les Jardins de l'Opéra, France

    • About Chef Stéphane Tournié

    • Sea Scallop Salad

  • 35

    Chef Elias Tsikrikis, Executive Chef Mykonos Riviera Hotel in Greece

    • About Chef Elias Tsikrikis

    • Trilogy of Rabbit

  • 36

    Chef Dimitris Tziovaras of the Makedonia Palace, Greece

    • About Chef Dimitris Tziovaras

    • Nephrops Tartar with Pasta Cooked in Broth

    • Onion Stew with Chicken

    • Platamonas Shrimp, with Tomato, Feta and Rustic Bread

  • 37

    Chef Nikola Vasic of Scottsdale, Arizona

    • About Chef Nikola Vasic

    • Tuna Tartare with Strawberries Tamagotchi Tobiko Micros in a Citrus Lime Sauce

    • Neo Maki

  • 38

    Chef Vincent Vervisch of Michelin Starred Le Relais de la Poste, France

    • About Chef Vincent Vervisch

    • Chocolate Cake with Matcha Tea

    • Foie Gras d'Oie Poché au Vin Rouge et au Thé Pu erh Impérial

    • L'Aztec de Pomme de Terre, Vanillé

    • Médaillon de Biche, Sauce Romeo y Julieta aux Girolles

    • Moelleux au Chocolat au Thé Matcha

    • Mousse de Spéculoos & Fève de Tonka

    • Noix de Saint-Jacques Pochées au Lait de Coco et au Thé Coco

    • Scallops Poached in Coconut Milk and Coconut Tea

    • Thon Rouge (Bluefin) Rossini

    • Vanilla Potatoes Astec

  • 39

    Chef Mickäel Weiss London, UK

    • About Chef Mickäel Weiss

    • Boeuf Bourguignon

    • Rhubarb & Fromage Blanc Charlotte

  • 40

    Chef Kevin Yafrani Private Chef in Ajaccio, Corsica

    • About Chef Kevin Yafrani

    • Carpaccio de poulpe, sauce fromage blanc, Szechuan pepper and timut, lime

    • Coeur en Chocolat Noir et Sel Fumé

    • Velouté Butternut à la Clémentine

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